How do you know you’ve got the best builder?

How do you know you’ve got the best builder?

How do you know you’ve got the best builder? It certainly doesn’t come down to the cheapest quote and it goes beyond comparing specifications.

So you’ve taken your plans to a few builders for quoting. You get the quotes back and there is a bottom line difference of thousands of dollars.  The difference is often in the service that you will be getting.

You want a builder that is known for excelling in the areas of customer service and attention to detail.  You want a builder that will really listened to what you want; not just give you ‘the standard’.  You want an opportunity to view ‘real homes’ as opposed to display homes. You want construction to start as soon as possible; not to be a number waiting in the queue.

Sometimes, the difference is in the detail of your specification. It’s easy to check if all the builders are including stone benchtops, main floor tiling and high ceilings; but what about the stuff in the background that you don’t see?  Has the builder been on site and noticed that there is a need for retaining walls and rock breaking? Does the builder include the council verge bond or do you have to pay this yourself? Is stormwater disposal going to be part of the contract or will you be digging holes yourself?

You want a builder that is interested in what’s best for you.  Not just their bottom line.  At Activa Homes Group we do our research up front so that we can present the true benefit of the build to our clients.